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We offer a proven arsenal of tools to ensure your business is protected

Coinstore knows how to solve the problems of the rational management of accounts, applications and devices in order to provide reliable storage and processing of large amounts of personal data.

  • High interest rate on deposits.
  • Available threshold for opening a deposit.
  • Flexible system for depositing and withdrawing funds from the depositary balance.
  • Well-coordinated team of experienced professionals.
  • Automated management of your own finances.


Company plans until 2025


  • Establish a Bitcoin mining company.


  • Coinstore is among the top 10 companies by the number of mining farms.


  • Coinstore is among the top 10 crypto trading companies in the Asian market.


  • Opening Coinstore for private investors (A new website is being created, personal accounts are being opened for convenient storage and increase of crypto currency).


  • More than 200,000 satisfied customers.


  • Coinstore is in the top 50 most successful crypto trading companies.


  • CoinStore is one of the first companies to sign a memorandum with the first cryptocurrency platform trading Bitcoin Futures Baktt!


  • Complete rebranding site, adding the ability for our clients to merge into single pulls.


  • Providing our clients with a Unique Trading Bot .


  • Create own Crypto Exchange.


  • Create own Coinstore coin.


  • Coinstore coin capitalization is more than $ 400,000,000.

Coinstore Features

Asset protection

Flexible strategy protects your portfolio from the negative consequences of market behavior

Earn every day

Withdrawal of interest on deposits every day

Simplicity and functionality

Top up your balance in crypto or fiat


Buy and sell currency at a favorable rate


Withdraw your money at any time convenient for you to any payment systems


We ensure complete security of financial transactions and confidentiality of our clients personal data

About Us

We provide our clients with a convenient, multifunctional platform for daily income, accumulation or saving of funds with the ability with full access to your portfolio 24/7. Do you want to keep funds, receive daily profit, or do you want to create your own cryptocurrency investment portfolio? Our company will always help you with this, guide you through all stages of creating a deposit and will provide you with full support throughout the entire period of cooperation. Join our team of experienced professionals and start making money right now!

Coinstore was founded in 2013 in Hong Kong and is engaged in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as cooperation with investment and cryptocurrency funds. In 2016, we launched a platform for the possibility of opening deposits in cryptocurrency individuals with daily accrual of interest on deposits. Due to flexible tax legislation, low interest rates rates and a diversified portfolio of assets, we meet deposit obligations regardless of the current stage of the market.

CoinStore traders trade on the Bitfinex, Poloniex and Binance exchanges, which provide high volatility and speed of closing of the order.

The CoinStore trading platform provides traders with a set of tools to focus on increasing personal wealth through natural growth and over 150 trading strategies.

Coinstores analytical department uses an integrated approach to methods of working in the cryptocurrency market, significantly reducing potential risks and maintaining a high level of diversification of the companys resources.


Coinstore uses innovative trading methods in cryptocurrency markets, which allows us to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the exchange today, simply and affordable for every investor. The company leverages the digital asset opportunity as a tool to manage and allocate your capital.

By participating in the Coinstore program, you can diversify your risks, form a more balanced portfolio of digital assets using undervalued cryptocurrencies with high growth potential, but still low liquidity. In general, this is a super profitable option for those who are ready to try their hand at the Coinstore program.


  • Of course, the first and foremost advantage of making money on the exchange is good prospects for getting maximum profit. With successful trading, Coinstores capital will increase, which means that profits will also grow. And its maximum size is not limited by anything. History knows many examples when people became millionaires and billionaires precisely thanks to successful trading on stock exchanges.
  • An opportunity to earn passive income by choosing one of the investment programs offered by the company.
  • Coinstore uses modern trading methods on cryptocurrency exchanges, which allows the client to participate in the program with even a small capital.
  • Cryptocurrency trading occurs daily, on weekends we launch our own innovative algorithmic strategy, this is a method of executing large orders (too large to be executed at once), when, using special algorithmic instructions, a large order (parent order) is divided into several child orders with their own price and volume characteristics, and each of the sub-orders is sent at a certain time to the market for execution. Such algorithms were invented so that traders do not have to constantly monitor quotes and manually divide a large order. This makes it possible to minimize its market impact and reduce the risk of its failure.